Now that Halloween is over, you’re likely breathing a sigh of relief.  Although dressing up and begging for candy on All Hallows Eve’ is fun for the kids, it can be stressful for the parents.  With the excess of candy laying around now, you have to be sure your kids don’t fall victim to tooth decay.  If you’re a connoisseur of sweets, this goes for you, too!

How to Avoid Tooth Decay

Timing.  Make sure you enjoy your sweet snacks around mealtime or shortly after.  Saliva production increases when you eat, which helps cancel out any bacteria from food particles.

Choose The Right Candy.  Hard candies are the worst for tooth decay prevention as they stay in your mouth for a long time.  Spring for the mini candy bars, M&M’s, or other quickly dissolving candies.

Sticky Candy = Bad.  If you’re thinking of enjoying that laffy taffy, think again.  These types of candy are best to avoid all together as they stick to your teeth and increase the likelihood for decay.

Increase Water Intake.   We could all drink more water, anyway.  Choose for a fluoridated water, even the bottled type.  This helps prevent tooth decay.

Portions are Important.  You may want to sit and eat the entire bag of candy now, but always remember to savor it.  Portioning your sugar intake helps your candy last longer AND decreases your chances of tooth decay.

Brush.  This goes without saying, but it is a very important part in avoiding tooth decay.  Being sure to brush your teeth at least 2x per day, and floss, will help wash away the bacteria caused by sugary foods and candy.

These important tips will help you and the kiddos avoid a costly trip to the dentist.  Tooth decay is easy to avoid if you have a good dental hygiene regimen and know which foods cause an increase of bacteria.  Seeing a dentist every 6 months for regular cleanings can help catch a cavity before it forms.

At Colson Dental, we pride ourselves in top-notch preventative dental care.  Contact us today and schedule an appointment to learn how to prevent cavities.