Discolored Teeth

I can remember times in the past when I “opted-out” of an event or social venu because of discoloration of my teeth. If I would attend, I would hide when it came time for the (infamous) group photo and if I was caught, I’d offer a closed smile in order to hide my discolored teeth.


Some thought my stained teeth were due to the coffee I drink every morning. Others assumed it was from the red wine I consumed on Friday nights while winding down with co-workers during happy hour. Still others would conclude I had poor dental hygiene as a child–knowing my family was less than well-off in those days.

All of these perceptions are good ones, and yes, these are also reasons one may come to having stained teeth; however, none of these were my reasons. You see I came to have discolored teeth due to a vitamin deficiency. That’s right, folks. I was vitamin D deficient and it affected the color of my teeth in such a way, causing discoloration. I refrained from attending my class reunion and stayed at the same job for years in fear of having to interview with a dingy smile.

Teeth Whitening Changed Me

Whitening my teeth was one of the best decisions I could have made. It’s given me a new, brighter smile. One with which I’m happy to share with anyone who wants to take my picture now. (Some may even call me a ham!) Whitening my teeth has opened doors to business opportunities I’d otherwise not have the confidence venturing into.

Why Do It

Teeth whitening is one of THE MOST affordable forms of cosmetic dentistry available. It’s just as common as getting a fluoride treatment! The low cost and effectiveness of the procedure makes teeth whitening something almost anyone can embrace.

Each person’s story of how their teeth became discolored is different from the next, yet the same in certain aspects too. Unfortunately, our friend in the story isn’t alone. There are tons of people whose teeth have been discolored for one reason or another.

We at Colson Dental are proud to offer teeth whitening as a service. Our procedure is done in our Raleigh, NC office and is is safe, affordable, and state-of-the-art. You won’t be disappointed with the results and you’ll have peace of mind knowing we’re here for you every step of the way.

Contact us today and schedule an appointment to learn how to get whiter teeth today.